A Slip of the Handling

  Photo Credit Day Still 

A Slip of the Handling is a table top styling session that animates the thoughts, gestures, and feelings that go into my design process for RedShift.

Revisiting the designed objects, the table top becomes a playground where materials come within reach of hand and eye again, and the things made go through a blurry process of valuation.  How might the object’s use and value change post-production?

For me the photo session serves as a bartering act between the photographer/camera and myself.  While the camera creates a state of fixation on the object, I rejuvenate my design impulses to transform the materials.  In this mediating session, the hand becomes an instrument of thought and prop for the product of labor, and maker becomes partner in the fetishism of the object.

RedShift for db12, Volume 2
Second-hand Skins
Photo Credit Day Still