A Sample Of Making

Spoke, Chicago November 2 - 21 2009

A Sample of Making was a RedShift design project to provide a platform for the intensive labor involved in making clothing. For a period of three weeks I produced singular garments within the Spoke gallery space from my collection of salvaged wools in a spectrum of colors. Seeking to present my process of design alongside the product of my practice, I aimed to create opportunities for critical exchange by engaging others in the design process. Working with several interns, I held open studio hours, a workshop, and hosted a closing event to view the work created at Spoke.

New City Review
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With Special thanks to the following interns for their time and handiwork:
Sarah Amariat
Kelsey Heiniger
Rosemary Lee
Coral Manor
Danielle Wyman


This was a RedShift design project with an environmental group called "Roots and Shoots" at Dewey Elementary School in Evanston.  Working with over 20 students from the third, fourth, and fifth grades, and a handful of parent volunteers, we trained students to sew by hand and machine to create hats out of recycled sweaters for the Evanston School Children's Clothing Association (ESCCA)

Each hat was a unique creation, bearing the mark of each student's handiwork.  My intern Coral Manor made a visual quilt out of the photos:

With special thanks to the Dewey School Roots and Shoots students,  4th grade teachers Pat Cleveland and Steven Files, and Rebecca Harrell for assisting with the project.