Records of Use

photo credit Nicole Radja-Time out Chicago

Records of Use
16'x 9'x 3'

Records of Use is a site specific wall installation created for the exhibit Dimensional Lines: Art + Dress at the Evanston Art Center.  Seeking to reveal and elevate the physical evidence of both maker and wearer found between the layers of worn garments, I've developed a vocabulary of line from the by-products of my dressmaking process.  Relating these filaments to the built environment of the exhibit site, I've drawn a grid overlay on the surface of the existing drywall facade at the northern end of the gallery space.  Using the markings of former installations as a compositional device, the remnants become interwoven with the wall.  Deconstructed pattern pieces, pulled seams, and garment parts represent a bodily occupation on the surface of the facade. The grid drawing continues to the backside of the wall to highlight the space between it and the original paneling, revealing the former uses of the historical building.  Here I’ve stitched directly into the surface to leave a lasting record of my own occupation of the site.

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