Ready-made glow in the dark Oxford cloth, thread, pencil pleating, drapery hooks, aluminum rods, plastic sliders. Dimensions variable (appx 8' x 14')

Sustenance: 337 Singleton, Dallas TX , September 2009
An exhibit of site specific installations.
Organized by Stephen Lapthisophon and Anne Lawrence

For this exhibit I made a curtain of glow-in-the-dark fabric on a north facing wall of the Sustenance exhibit site. The primary source of light to this space was an entry door to the west. The random opening of the entry door charged the material over unmeasured intervals of time. The curtain, just by hanging there, supported a metabolic process, absorbing and emitting light, consuming and expelling light. The gathering of the curtain was a drawing process to create a fluctuating fullness containing pockets of space and darkness in each fold.

Here are some images from my research trip to Berlin: photos

Loie Fuller's Radium Dance